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The Benefits of Custom Made Outdoor Cushions

Summertime is perfect for outdoor gatherings, and it is vital to plan your outdoor space if you like guests coming over to your place. Planning and designing your outdoor space  can be tricky, but executing your ideas can be even trickier. This article is about helping you get the best outdoor cushions for your space.

Why Custom Based Cushions Over Any Other?

Specifically Designed For Any Seat

Outdoor Furniture makes the focal point of your outdoor space , and everyone likes their furniture to be comfortable, stylish and well  designed. A piece of furniture defines the space. Thus, a lot of people get their furniture customised. If you also have a unique piece of outdoor  furniture  or a bench at your home , it can be challenging for you to find  well fitting  cushions. But this problem can be solved with customised cushions. Yes! You can have cushions that are specially designed to fit your needs. No matter how unusual the shape is, a complementary cushion can always be designed your way. The sofa can be round from one end, square from the other, or your U-shaped cushion for the couch in the garden. A custom-made cushion will always fit your furniture as if it was the original cushion.

It's time for a replacement

Is your current lounge and cushions is not looking so good  maybe the fabric was not that good, and it faded real quick. In short, it's time to buy new cushions! You must be comfortable with your older cushions by now, and you are unsure if you will get a similar quality again! One solution to all of your problems is custom-made outdoor cushions in Australia. Using the previous cushion as a sample, you can get the same raw material used. Moreover, you can get the superior quality fabric that does not fade quickly, used this time. Or you can get your existing cushions reupholstered. Anyway, the customised is cushions seem like a better economical and practical option.

Customise It Your Way

The pinned designs on your Pinterest boards perfectly go with your garden, and you have visualised them at a particular place. But you are unable to find the exact cushions anywhere. Not necessarily! You can get the exact cushions customised from a trusted source. You can even add a touch of your creativity to the designs. Talk to the people concerned, and they will bring your vision to reality.

Water repellent Fabrics

The fabric used for designing outdoor cushions specifically needs to be water repellent and mould resistant  because it is supposed to repel the water droplets. It can still collect water if they get too wet. So it would help if you specifically got your outdoor cushions made of high-quality waterproof material. Cheaper fabrics often wear out quickly and are vulnerable to mildew infection. In custom-made outdoor cushions, you have a choice to select from high quality fabric and choose to choose quick drying outdoor foam.

The Best Option

If you like throwing barbecue , then your house's outdoor ambience is equally important, as is the food. It would be best to plan outdoor sofas and complementing cushions very peculiarly. All ways, and after a lot of analysis, it seems that custom-based cushions are a better choice. Not only will they fit your budget but also are the best in quality. Because if you can not compromise on any grade or design, the price can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is best not to compromise on anything and stick to your budget by getting the personalised cushion under your supervision.


5 months ago

"We love the cushions. Perfect size!"

Pam Rothfield

3 years ago

The Cushion Co delivered as promised and on time. I cannot fault their product – my ten cushions were exactly what I wanted – and their customer service was excellent . The nice thing is that they have real people to answer queries.

David Chernich

3 years ago

My Sun lounger cushion took a little longer then I expected but it was worth the wait fabric I picked online was exactly how it looked in real life and the workmanship, beautiful. Would not hesitate ordering from them again.

Peter Deane

4 years ago

A great range of colours Very competitive prices Excellent quality of workmanship and delivery right on time as promised when we placed our order

Janey Briscoe

4 years ago

Cushion Company custom built cushions for Rowers club have done the trick! Great quality, amazing service! Thankyou!

Henrietta Nauer

4 years ago

At the beginning I was a little scared of buying rather expensive custom cushions online, but then i started chatting to Reina and I asked her all the questions referring the company and how it worked. Reina was wonderful, I was in a hurry so didn’t take up the offer of the free fabric samples and she gave me here take of the colours on offer.

Megan M

4 years ago

Worth every dollar. Totally thrilled with customer service. I stuffed my order ( wrong measurements ) and they emailed me checking the measurement were correct as they didn’t sound right. Delivery was on time, quality is fantastic. Very high end.

Marcia H

4 years ago

This is the best looking, best made cushion I've had ordered. I'm glad I came across your website! The seams and fabric pattern line up well . I've tried other Aussie companies but yours was better value.

Spence Crossley

4 years ago

I was concerned about buying from you guys as you don’t have a track record and many reviews but I was pleased with quality and communication.

Bob Bennett

5 years ago

Ordered these online through the site. I didn't have any issues. Took a just under 4 weeks to get the cushions but I was expecting that. Not a problem for me. Workmanship is very good. One seam is slightly crooked but you'd never really notice. fabric have a premium texture and feel to it. Very pleased with the purchase. Only complaints - the fabric colour is slightly off from the picture but I didn't ask for a sample/swatch so my bad. It still looks great. I thought the price is a bit on the high side for a cushion.

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