Term and Conditions

T&Cs About Buying Custom Made Outdoor Cushions From The Cushion Company.

Pre Christmas Delivery Cut Off Dates

Complete Cushions

Standard: 17th of October

Express Lead Time: 28th of November

Priority Express Lead Time: 5th of December


Standard: 22nd of  November

Express Lead Time: 28th of November

Priority Express Lead Time: 5th of December



Let’s Be 100% Clear Upfront – Before We Proceed With Your Custom Made Outdoor Cushions. 

Do yourself, and us a favour and only order your cushions once you have double checked the measurements,  are sure you want to have the cushions made, and are sure about the colour selected.  Custom made cushions cannot be returned like a pair of jeans or a shirt. 

  1. Due to the nature of bespoke custom made cushions, full payment for your outdoor cushions must be made upon placing your order. The cushion company does not accept for part payment/ Payment on delivery or any payment terms other than payment upon placing order.
  2. The Cushion Company guarantees our workmanship for 3 years from time of purchase. Please email us at service@thecushioncompanynz.co.nz if you do have an issue, contact us and we may ask you to return the complete cushion to the nearest depot or office to you. Naturally we will pay for the associated freight cost involved.
  3. Our fabric samples are professionally photographed to ensure an accurate image. However fabric colours may vary from one device to another and can look different in real life. We strongly recommend you see a colour sample of the fabric before placing your order. We can provide 5 fabric samples for free or you can have a complete range of fabrics  sample cushion inner delivered to you for $79.
  4. To ensure measurements are correct, please see our ‘How To’ guides and videos or contact our customer service team 7 days a week via via chat or email. The Cushion Company will produce custom made cushions to customers’ measurements to within an  error of margin +/- 1cm.
  5. You will need to notify The Cushion Company within 7  days of receiving your order if any items appear faulty, damaged  or not made as specified on your order. If your cushions have not been made in accordance with the order or are faulty, The Cushion Company will, at it’s our own expense, re-work the cushions to correct the mistake or manufacture complete new cushions. We do not offer a refund in this situation. Please note no changes such as: colour, thickness or sizes are allowed from the original order. The cushions will be made exactly the same as your initial order requested.  No changes what so ever.
  6. If the cushions are returned to The Cushion Company as you feel they were made incorrectly and are found not to be faulty, you will need to pay all the related freight cost in getting the cushions to and from our warehouse.  Please note we will require the cushion for a minimum of 1 full business day.
  7. Should the cushion covers be replaced please note that they will not sit exactly like they did before as outdoor cushion fabrics can expand and retract depending on humidity and varying temperatures. This may cause some rippling in the fabric, which is quite normal.
  8. The cushion company will email the drawing/s of  your cushion/s or cushion cover/s,  *unless* we ask you to reply to our email *”proceed to production”* your order will automatically be put into production after 24 hours. After this time the order cannot be cancelled, changed or altered. In the event we request you to reply “proceed with production” the order will only be made once we receive your email saying “proceed with production”. Once you have emailed us “proceed with production”the order cannot be cancelled, changed or altered.
  9. Should the buyer notify us via email prior to the drawings of the cushion/s or cushion cover/s being sent to the buyer,  The Cover Company we will refund the order value minus a 5% MERCHANT / ADMIN FEE.
  10. If the buyer notifies the cushion company via email that they wish to cancel their order within 24 hours of the drawings of  the cushion/s and or cushion cover/s  being sent the order can be cancelled and refunded minus a $50 charge and 5% MERCHANT / ADMIN FEE.
  11. Should the measurements provided by the customer don’t add up or are deemed by our designers not to be sufficient or correct we reserve the right to cancel and refund the order less 5% merchant /admin fee to cover our cost. If drawings have been provided at any stage a $50 drawing fee will be deducted from the refund.
  12. If the event the buyer places an order for a cushion cover by accident and is under the impression a complete  complete cushion is/was ordered then the order can be cancelled however T&C’s item 9. or 10 apply.
  13. To ensure fast delivery we use commercial courier companies to deliver custom made cushions to any corner of New Zealand. If incorrect delivery information is submitted on your order , you will be responsible for any fees associated with redirecting the delivery plus losses occured due incorrect delivery address. Changes in address must be made by email only with the responding order number.
  14. Your cushion may be vacuumed packed for better transport, cushion with foam will gradually return to their original shape. Cushions with fibre filling ( not foam)  will need to be fluffed/ puffed to get them into shape. Please be advised that long cushions will most likely be folded to minimise freight costs and to keep within transport size requirements.  This may cause some small fold lines until the cushions have settled into their correct size and shape. Upon receiving order unpack it fully within a maximum of 7 days cushions, do not store the cushions vaccum packed longer than 7 days after dispatch.
  15. Please note that Throw Pillows or Floor Pillows are measured from join to join . Once filled, the cushion will expand outwards and therefore will take up overall less space than the measurements. For clarification of this, please see our How To Guide or video otherwise you can contact our Sales Team . All foam cushions are wrapped in Dacron, which smooths out the foam and softens the cushion, giving it a more comfortable look and feel. This wrapping will add a small overall height to the cushion, to give that plush look and feel.
  16. If you visit a premium  / high-end outdoor furniture you will notice that in the showroom the seat cushions on the most expensive lounges  feel  firm, this is because once the cushions are outside in the sun and elements they will feel softer depending on the climate and exposure to the sun. Comfort is subjective and is not ground to return a cushion under warranty. For assurance get a comprehensive sample pack and try before you buy.
  17. The Cushion Company does offers branding / printing on cushions depending on the quantity. Please note printing on all-weather outdoor fabrics  like Olefin, Acrylic or Sunbrella ( water repellent fabrics ) is not the same as printing on polyester or cotton. The printing will not bond to the fabric as well, nor will the printing be as clear. If the cushions are going to be used for prolong periods or the branding  needs to be of the highest standard then embroidery is recommended over printing.
  18. If Priority Express lead time is selected you will receive delivery within 10 – 14  days of order/approval .Priority express charge will not be refunded under any circumstances unless, either of these 2 conditions are met. A: the delivery is late and that case you’ll be refunded on a pro rata basis compared to the standard lead time. B: order is cancelled within 24 hours placing of placing the order.
  19. If  Express lead time is selected you will receive delivery within 3  weeks  of order/approval.  The express charge will not be refunded under any circumstances unless, either of these 2 conditions are met. A: the delivery is late and that case you’ll be refunded on a pro rata basis compared to the standard lead time B: order is cancelled within 24 hours placing of placing the order.
  20. Condition “A” of items “18” & “19” may be made void as a result of  requests,  alterations or failure to respond to emails from the cushion company in a timely fashion.
  21. The standard lead time for  cushion covers is 4 weeks from order/approval
  22.  The standard lead time for complete cushions is  9 weeks from order/approval
  23. Lead times quoted are exclusive of New Zealand Public Holidays.
  24. All orders are standard unless specified on your online order and the express or priority express is paid for in full.
  25. Express and Priority Express cannot and will not be provided free of charge under circumstance.
  26. Requests,  alterations or failure to respond to emails in a timely fashion may impact the lead time.
  27. If your order is delayed by more than 18 days we offer you the option to cancel your order and receive a full refund providing the order is  not with courier on route to your designated delivery address.
  28. Refunds will be processed once the cushions have been returned and are in the possession of The Cover Company.