Custom-made Cushion Covers

Choose The Cushion Cover You Would Like Made

We don't supply polyester cushion covers that will fade, weather and deteriorate within a short period. All of our cushion covers are 100% Olefin outdoor fabric that is designed to be exposed to the elements.
Please note these are custom made cushion covers and do not include the internal filling &foam.

Bench Cushion

Bench Cushion Covers

Replacement outdoor bench cushion covers can transform your outdoor space to create a truly welcoming and comfortable place to enjoy.

Outdoor Lounge Cushions Covers

Transform your lounge with replacement lounge cushion covers You select the size, colour, fabric and finish

DayBed Base Cushion Covers

Is your daybed cushion looking tired? Maybe it's faded, worn or simply out of date. A replacement cushion cover can revive your daybed an outdoor space.


Round Chair Cushion Covers

Why spend a small fortune on a new round cushion, when you can simply get your existing cushions recovered and save hundreds. Outdoor cushion covers are made of Olefin and are designed to be left fully exposed to the elements.

Lounge Back Cushion Covers

So your lounge cushions have seen better days and I looking very tired. You could invest in a new lounge or cushions but that will cost thousands of dollars. Instead rejuvenate your lounge with replacement cushion covers at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Made Seat Pad Cushion

Outdoor Seat Cushion Covers

Give your outdoor dining setting a new lease of live with replacement cushion covers. Our cushion covers won't fade and are designed to be left fully exposed to the elements.

Bolters cushion

Outdoor Bolster Cushion Covers

Give your bolster cushions a brand-new look with replacement cushion covers. Made from Sun-Tough Olefin these cushion covers can be left exposed to the elements all the time without premature fading.

Sun Lounge Cushion Covers

Sun Lounge Cushions are as the name suggests most often in the sun, and fully exposed to the elements. We make durable sunlounge cushion covers that look great for years to come

Here is Replacement; Outdoor Cushion Covers

Embellish your outdoor area with the custom-made covers we offer. All covers must be tailored with premium hard-wearing fabric (Olefin) is our preference. Furthermore, the cushion company never failed to provide an array of options to choose from; a variety of fabrics patterns, and colors are widely available. From stripes to bold and solid colors, our warehouse has everything; choose what you like!  Our online buying options also make it easy to buy cushion covers easily. 

Enhance your outdoor seating area more reviving with perfectly fit custom-made outdoor covers. Pick the thematic colors and style that suit your furniture and home’s ambiance. The Cushion Company also offers additional perks like cushion ties and piping.

Buy Cushion Covers Online Today!

If you are looking for a set of custom-made cushion covers, you are at the right place, do consider there’s no internal filling and foam included! To get an instant quote for custom made outdoor covers choose the style of your cushion, add the dimension and get them with 30% to 50% more inexpensive pricing. You can also reach us on via live chat for more consultations or just drop your queries via our online chat.